Wonder Woman Power Pose

Have you heard about the wonder woman power pose and wondered: does this actually help to increase confidence? Let's uncover the truth about power posing. What it is and the controversy this positive form of non verbal communication sparked. Plus, I’ll share the best way to position your body into a power pose. The benefit to you is instant confidence, improved mood, and even feeling more like a leader.

The term power pose was popularized in 2012. Together with her colleagues, social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, conducted a study a few years earlier. They found when a person stands for two minutes with their legs shoulder-width apart, hands on their hips and their chin tilted upward for two minutes – like wonder woman – they feel more powerful. Plus their testosterone levels increase significantly and their cortisol levels – a stress hormone – decrease significantly. The study also revealed an increase in risk-taking behavior.

A power pose is an expansive and open posture.
It's where you move your arms and legs away from you body to take up space and feel more powerful.

Yet, since the study was popularized, power poses have been under fire. The international scientific community failed to replicate the hormonal changes in subsequent studies. However, some studies did find taking on a power pose does make some people feel more powerful. This in turn increases their confidence, enhances their mood and leadership perceptions.

Amy Cuddy is naturally disappointed by the results. Despite this, she continues to maintain the benefit of power posing, or “postural feedback” as she calls it more formally today.

Now that you’re up-to-date on power posing, you might be wondering about the bold statement I made earlier. Specifically, I would show you the best way to position your body into a power pose to increase your confidence, enhance your mood, and even make you feel more like a leader.

To find out the best wonder woman best power pose for you, watch the full video above or on my YouTube channel.

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Wonder Woman Power Pose

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