Non Verbal Communication Signs: Decoding Confident Body Language 

So you want to look more confident, but you don’t know how to do so? In this video, I share five non verbal communication signs for decoding confident body language. The benefit to you is looking more confident, even if you don’t yet feel confident. 

Even if you don’t feel confident, arranging your body in a confident manner can make you look and even feel more confident. Let me be clear though: body language alone is not enough to create long-lasting authentic confidence. Confidence is built from the inside. Having said that, I’m also aware it’s much easier to change how you look on the outside then transform how you feel on the inside. Ultimately, confident body language gives you a head start on looking and even feeling more confident. In the meantime, you can continue to do the inner work.

Summary: Non Verbal Communication Signs

Watch the video to learn five non verbal communication signs for decoding confident body language, such as:

  • What confident and healthy body posture truly looks like.
  • Something women struggle with most and what they can to take back their power and stop looking like a people-pleaser. 
  • The right amount of eye contact to avoid looking uncomfortable or aggressive.

Watch the full video above or on my YouTube channel.

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Non Verbal Communication Signs

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