Mindful Anger

Have you been told to punch a pillow? Or scream out loud?  But then found these old school anger management techniques ineffective or not even practical? Do you want to know how to release your anger physically in a way that actually works? If you’re looking for the best way to release your anger, then the answer is mindful anger.

The goal of mindful anger is to allow emotions and physical sensations to surface so they can be released and looked at in the most productive way possible. There are at least three ways for how to experience mindful anger:

1. Physically release the anger

A mindful approach for releasing anger requires a physical activity to move the emotional energy out of your body. Various approaches are discussed in the video.

2. Write our your anger

The written word is a powerful way for releasing emotional energy from the body. Remember not to censure or judge. Writing out your anger is beneficial as it can also reveal what’s really bothering you. Afterall, anger tends to be a superficial emotion. There’s usually a number of other emotions underneath the anger.

3. Speak your anger (and have it witnessed)

Vocally expressing your anger to another person is a third practice. To learn more, including instructions to exercises you can do alone or with another person, watch the video above or on my YouTube channel.

And if you're curious to learn more about emotional mastery, including how to deal with overwhelming emotions, you can watch another video in this series.

Did you download your FREE Emotional Mastery worksheet yet? It includes 10 simple practices and space to journal. These are the exact practices I personally use to deal with emotions such as anger. They’re worked really well for me and I know they can do the same for you. 

Mindful Anger

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