Deep Breathing for Anxiety

Deep Breathing Techniques for Anxiety

Are you struggling with anxiety and fear? Can’t figure out how to calm these emotions? You might be missing some simple emotion regulation techniques from your life. In this emotional mastery training, I’m going to show you three deep breathing techniques for anxiety and fear.

Most people are shallow breathers. They don’t use the full potential of their breath. The problem with shallow breathing is that it creates the conditions to support emotions, like anxiety and fear, to stay around for longer.

When you’re a shallow breather struggling with anxiety and fear, incorporating deep breathing techniques into your life can make a big difference. Deep breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This leads to feelings of relaxation, calmness and mental clarity. And this is the state you need to be in order to move past anxiety and fear.

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The three deep breathing techniques to calm your anxiety explored in the video include:

#1: The Sigh Breathe

#2: The 4-4-6 Breathe

#3: Alternative Nostril Breathing

To see the full demonstration of these three deep breathing techniques, watch the full video here or on my YouTube channel

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Deep Breathing Techniques

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